Typhoon LAN-Paolo – Nasty 48 hours in the Bohol Sea

Typhoon LAN-Paolo

Typhoon LAN-Paolo continues moving north!

Even at a distance of more than 800 kilometers Typhoon LAN-Paolo brought very stormy weather to the Bohol sea. Currently the large cyclone rotates about 783 km east-northeast of Naga City, Camarines Sur. Its forward speed has decreased from 22 to 15 km/h. Maximum Sustained Winds (10-min avg) are 120 km/h near the center. Gusts can go up to 150 km/h.

Typhoon LAN-Paolo is expected to move north during the next 36 hours and then bend its track north-east.

Typhoon LAN-Paolo

Typhoon LAN-Paolo disturbs entire Bohol sea

This typhoon works like a giant vacuum cleaner. Over the Bohol sea it amplifies the westerly wind flow by its counter clock wise rotation. The same rotation produces strong north-eastern winds in Luzon and Bicol. Wind maps are here: http://www.silent-gardens.com/marine-weather.php


Typhoon LAN-Paolo

Passengers on the last ferries leaving Camiguin on October 15 experienced a stormy trip. Above photo is from Colin Levesque. On October 15 at 5:46 p.m. he  wrote: Camiguin to Balingoan ferry at the moment. Ladies in front are reciting Prayers. No crew on boat assisting. Passengers handing out life jackets. Colin had safely arrived at his destination.

Typhoon LAN-Paolo

At our beach this morning. I took this photo after wind was already much slower. Before it had been too dangerous because of flying objects.

Typhoon LAN-Paolo

Another impression from our beach.

The winds are calming now over the Bohol sea. Power is back in almost all regions. Let’s start to clean up the mess …


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