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ZenFriend is a beautiful Meditation Timer. If you are looking to improve your meditation practice,  it helps you stay on track.  See when your friends meditate and inspire other people with your practice.

A friend of my old times in Europe is developing an iPhone / Android App that helps meditating people to connect.

Become Zen ZenFriend is being developed by a practitioner of Buddhist meditation with the purpose to support his own practice. We currently focus on people who are familiar with sitting meditation and who meditate several times a week. While this app is inspired by Buddhist meditation, it is not a religious app. We welcome all forms of meditation.The app is still in beta test. Have a look here and subscribe to be informed when it gets on-line: ZenFriend

And just a word about my friend: Remo is a very creative guy who has more ideas than many inventors. He is the born entrepreneur and has the knowledge of how to spread word of his ideas. On the other side, Remo is looking deep inside. Inside himself and inside philosophy. Years ago he met  Buddhist meditation. He found peace and knowledge. Meet him on ZenFriend.

I am missing the chats with Remo. Fortunately we still have our old communication channel and lots of new channels are open, where we can meet virtually.




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2 Responses

  1. Remo Uherek says:

    Dear René, I’m very humbled by these kind words. Thank you so much for this article. I’m grateful to be in contact with you for so many years.

  2. waebi says:

    Dear Remo, I just wanted to “LIKE” your answer and found, that there is no “LIKE button”. This happens always when communicating with you – ideas spark like a firework. I’ll put the “LIKE” button asap. Thank you very much .

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