Beware of mosquitoes

Mosquito Week

Beware of mosquitoes, they are the worst killers on earth. 

Every year mosquitoes kill 725,000 people. It is not the mosquitoes who kill but the bacteria and viruses they transmit with their saliva when sucking our blood. The best protection is not to get bitten by mosquitoes. Mechanical protection (mosquito nets and clothes) is the most efficient protection. Chemical protection (insect repellent) is only to be used where or when mechanical protection is not possible.

Mosquito Week


But beware also of the second deadliest animal – man! 475’000 people get killed every year by other people. Shame on us!

And finally stop killing sharks. Only 10 people per year get killed by sharks.

Here you find more about health protection when you are in the Philippines.



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