Balloon Festival Pampanga

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  1. dino says:

    Politics! how many balloons will come? no participation of any of the major support organizations in the past (skydiving, ultralight, glider flying etc.). But the charges are still the same as with a full program in the past in Clark.

    When politics and greed meet then the right mixture for a failure is pre-programmed!

    • waebi says:

      Yep, true! And calculate the needed temperature of the gas in the balloon’s hull. Either they can make a little hop or the hull melts …

  2. dino says:

    BTW, you must have had a bad source for this news cause the source says:

    This year’s Balloon Festival in Pampanga will be held next week from April 10 to April 13. More than 100 pilots from round the world will color the sky with their hot air balloons.

    As of today there has been nobody from the previous participants who have signed up for the event. Wonder who will fly there? Maybe guys full with hot air?

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