Camiguin Tourism sings “Halleluyah PAL”

PAL Q400/ DHC8-400

Camiguin Tourism sings “Halleluyah PAL” now for a while. Camiguin Tourism announces that PAL will start direct flights from Manila (MNL) to Camiguin (CGM) – but they don’t disclose the source of information.

The only information Camiguin Tourism is repeating:

News Alert:
Now it’s much easier to go to Camiguin from Manila – via Philippine Airlines. Inaugural flight will be on March 28, 2015. See you all in the Island Born of Fire!

It doesn’t become more true by repetition. What we need are sources and proof.
Maybe it’s just for fun or to improve the bad mood of inhabitants and tourists in Camiguin. We still suffer from this silly humid and grey winter weather.

Camiguin Tourism doesn’t ask questions

Since 2008, when former SEAIR left Camiguin forever, we heard lots of rumors about new transportation. Someones became true, at least for a while – Midsea Air and Cebu Pacific Air.

After a period of daily flights, Cebu Pacific Air reduced their flights to 5 times weekly. They don’t fly on Tuesday and Thursday.

Silent Gardens asks

  1. What will be the weekly frequency of flights?
  2. What will be the departure time in Manila and in Camiguin?
  3. With which plane PAL will fly? The Q300/ DHC8-300 or the Q400/ DHC8-400?
  4. How much will a standard (all year over) fare cost?
  5. How much luggage will be allowed per passenger? 0, 10 or 20 kilograms?
    And most important: When will PAL let us book the flights? Current PAL flight schedules are valid from October 26 2014 until March 28 2015

Until we get hard facts from either PAL or Camiguin Tourism, I rather think that soon the Yellow Submarine will link Manila with Camiguin. I’ll wait for it in the Octopus’s Garden …

Yellow Submarine of Camiguin Tourism

There are more questions

  1. Can PAL operate these flights with a sound financial result? The Q300 can carry 56 passengers and 998 kilograms cargo, the Q400 flies with 76 passengers and 1410 kilograms cargo
  2. How will Cebu Pacific Air react? Will they maintain their 5 weekly flights between Camiguin and Cebu?
  3. Will the two airlines compete or just do a deal to optimize each others benefit?
  4. How can the two airlines co-exist in Camiguin airport?
    And again most important: How can Camiguin deal with the tourist’s stream expected to come directly from Manila? Is Camiguin prepared?


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