Cebu Pacific flight 5J340

Cebu Pacific Air is actually the real Pinoy Airline.

This morning I took Cebu Pacific flight 5J340 from KLO to MNL. It was more than a pleasure.

Scheduled for 09:50 a.m. the plane took off at 09:35 because everybody was on board. That only happens in the Philippines. My boarding card showed seat 1C. I am used to be seated in row 11 or 12 because of my long legs and my ability to handle emergency exits. This time I sat in the best seat of all possible seats. (Salut Voltaire – Candide).

And then came Chris – Maitre de cabine. Cheerful as 99.99% of Cebu Pacific Air staff are. After the “Oxygene and Lifewest Show” she handed me a copy of SMILE – the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific Air.

My novel, I had planned to read, went back to my bag and I started to scan SMILE. First the motorbike story of Bohol took all my attention. I did Bohol on a motorbike last spring. Then I switched to the “Time to travel to” section. It’s always interesting to read the critics and hints of people living in the place they write about.

Living on the most beautiful beach of Panay, north of Kalibo in Brgy. Dumatad of Tangalan, I looked for Kalibo.

Reading the Kalibo review on page 72 my smile grew, grew bright – and if I hadn’t been attached by my seatbelt, Chris would have gotten a huge kiss. (Sorry for the seatbelt Chris). The co-operation with Cebu Pacific Air works fine. Your favourite site SILENT GARDENS finds its reference on page 72 of the feb/mar edition.

SMILE: Cebu Pacific Air

Unfortunately the editors from “SMILE” did print my private cell-phone number instead of my business number. But it’s always a pleasure to describe the way to Jawili Blue Starfish resort to an unknown person.

Thanks SMILE, Thanks Chris

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