The Diver’s Log

Diver's Log

The Diver’s Log is a log-book where every diver notes technical data and observations of each dive. I got mine yesterday!  This little story wouldn’t be worth to be written if the book weren’t so beautiful and behind the book weren’t two so wonderful people.

About a month ago our friends and neighbours, the Camiguin Action Geckos, were joined by two new members Kaisa and Arno. Ladies first!



Having always been interested in personal development, spirituality, travelling and physical activity, Kaisa entered her thirties determined to stop dreaming and start living her dream instead. Following her heart, she returned to Finland after a decade abroad, and found herself just where she needed to be.

Kaisa has a professional background in Communication, Business and Financial Services, but her passion for personal development and coaching never left her side. Believing that Life is full of wonderful opportunities, and convinced that it is never too late to change, Kaisa studied to become an LCF Life Coach, and is a licensed practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)  and a recreational Scuba Diver . Currently she is following a Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200).

The ‘hippie’ in her loves the universe, fresh empty notebooks and people full of spirit and bravery. The ‘nerd’ in her on the other hand loves studying, strategy and colourful excel sheets. Combining these two, Kaisa started Reconnect Finland Ltd., and aims to spend the rest of her days encouraging and coaching others to realise their full potential.

Now at the Camiguin Action Geckos, Kaisa offers Yoga lessons, Yoga sessions and more.



 A passionate, award winning photographer and professional visual artist, Arno was born in the Netherlands, but has found a home in Finland over a decade ago. Determined to combine his love of photography, travelling, nature and sports, Arno has taken on the underwater world as a PADI Dive Instructor.

He has been an entrepreneur for the past eleven years, dividing his time between photographing and image manipulation –both as a teacher and non-stop student–, designing and other graphic (technical) matters. The recent discovery –in person– of the underwater world was love at first sight and has only deepened Arno’s dedication to spending his life doing the things he is passionate about.

Arno loves sports like BMX racing, mountain biking, rock climbing, diving and an occasional bungee jump. He is always open to try new things, physically, spiritually and culinary. Arno loves sharing his passions with others (and gets easily carried away when talking about it), which makes him a dedicated and patient teacher.
Additionally, Arno is also a certified Reiki 2 Practitioner. (Reiki is a spiritual practice developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui).

And where is The Diver’s Log ?

Diver's Log

There are hundreds of diver’s log-books. But this one is very special. Both versions, the basic and the pro version, are full of fantastic under-water photos. All photos were shot by Arno on dive-sites around Camiguin.

The basic logbook is aimed at divers who want to write down everything they have seen during a dive. It sports one dive per page with plenty of space to write down your experiences. It logs just over 200 dives.

The pro logbook is aimed at those divers who’ve seen it all, and use the diver’s log only for… logging. It sports four dives per page with a little bit of space at the bottom for those rare cases the diver comes across something that s/he has never seen before. It logs just over 800 dives.

The price of this piece of diving gear – because let’s not kid ourselves: it is part of our diving gear! – is EUR 15,00 per log.
Additional fee for post and packaging per log: EUR 5,00 for Finland, EUR 7,50 for Europe, and EUR 10,00 for the rest of the world.

Do you want one? Click here !  🙄

And this is my logbook with my first ever dive:

my Log

Thank you Kaisa and Arno for this nice pasalubong !

I am looking forward to diving with you all over next week  😀

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