e-startUP – educate, evolve, emerge

e-StartUp – educate, evolve, emerge

e-startUP – educate, evolve, emerge is an idea, is a project, is a path! Jürg Wyss, the initiator and founder has a vision – the #wyssion. 

e-StartUp – educate, evolve, emerge

The e-startUP idea

Jürg had traveled around the world as a business consultant and coach. In August 2013 a severe heart disease nearly killed him. Coming back to life after almost a month, he decided to share his knowledge and his experience. The #wyssion and e-startUP were born. There are hundred thousands even millions of young people who have an idea but lack of knowledge on how to transform them in a sustainable business. Jürg knows.

I help you, together we help those who need even more help. The most important help are the micro-credits. In the Philippines it is nearly impossible to get capital to start a business. Money lenders and pawnshops give money only for monstrous interest rates that kill any young business immediately. e-startUP  gives micro-credits without interest. The coaching of the projects enhances the probability that these micro-credits can be paid back and invested in new projects. The successful young entrepreneur will directly help others on the road to success. 

This is why e-startUP  looks for young people in the Philippines who have a business idea but lack of business skills and the initial money. Here is the road to success:

e-StartUp - the road to succes

In the e-startUP  facebook group Jürg publishes pictures and links them to ideas. He asks questions and gives hints. Here is one of many samples:

You have 30 shops, one beside the other. All selling the same Christmas decorations. How do you decide where you buy yours?

e-StartUp - a sample

 Why the Philippines?

Jürg feels really fine with Asian people – his wife is Chinese. Among the Asian countries Thailand and the Philippines were the most promising ones for a success of the e-startUP idea. Jürg first checked the possibilities in Thailand. Unfortunately he had very soon to recognize that the political struggle between yellow and red made it impossible to establish the project. He then came to the Philippines and started to discover and analyze from north to south.

Who finances the e-StartUp project?

Jürg’s very large business network allows him to find enough sponsors for his project. A blog for the potential sponsors (in German language) explains what he is doing, how he is doing and where he is doing. The most important first goal now is to find enough young people with feasible business ideas.  The e-startUP  facebook group should have about 3000 members by end of 2014. If this number is reached, two processes will be launched: The submission of the business ideas and their presentation to the potential sponsors.

And Silent Gardens?

What is the link between Silent Gardens and e-startUP ? Years ago, I stumbled over a start-up project called “Blonde Travelers“. Later, the founder of “Blonde Travelers“, Kaila Krayewski, visited us in Camiguin. Since then we are friends. We follow each other on different social networks. One day in late spring this year she transmitted me a message about Jürg. So I started to follow Jürg’s project and got convinced by the idea.
Jürg then came to the Philippines and last week we met in Naga City. During 3 days we spent hours to discuss the e-startUP  project. I am convinced that his idea is the right thing. This why I try to help e-startUP .

There will be more articles about e-startUP . Stay tuned.

Spread the word

Most important for now is to spread information about the  e-startUP  project among young Pinoys and Pinays. There is a high chance to make a dream come true without the risks of debt and financial handcuffs.


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