East Mindanao Discovery Trip (6) – Davao to Mati

Mati - Sleeping Dinousaur
Today a long road laid before us.  185 km to Mati and then a 25 km exploring ride on the resort peninsula. During today’s journey we found several places where we could have stopped for a night or so, but our goal was Mati.
From Davao to Mati
The first 12 kilometers we drove along Davao’s port. Left and right container Mountains piled on. Traffic was strong and many slow semitrailer needed often 2 or more tracks of the 4 – 6 lane highway.
Davao port
This image is not from me. Source: http://si.wsj.net
The road continues past by the Holcim cement factory and a giant Holcim quarry.
Holcim factory in Davao
This image is not from me. Source: https://jennygallegos.blogspot.com

After that very busy stretch, the road became more quiet and was in a very good state. The highway to Tagum City is in excellent condition. We have seen tricycles on this route, which thundered with 100 km/h on the highway. Shortly before Tagum City we turned right on the Surigao – Davao Coastal Road.
 Coastal road
Until after Pantukan this road is mostly straight and one is progressing very fast. Left and right of the road stretch from huge banana plantations.
Banana plantation
On the sea side you can see the internal transport cableway for the fruits.
 Banana plantation
On the landward side pile up on the hills in the morning, the cumulus clouds up.
Along this sandy coast there are also many beaches and resorts. The high season is in December and January. This is why the beaches were empty and many resorts were closed in July.
 Beach near Pantukan
The beach is all flat. I also had my nose was still air when walking 300 meters out in the sea. We decided to enjoy our lunch in one of the few open resorts.
  Magnaga Waters Beach Resort
The Magnaga Waters Beach Resort left a clean and well-kept impression. During our visit it was, however, a “One Woman Show”. Our fairy took care of reception, bar, kitchen, service and our entertainment. Unfortunately, the resort has just a Facebook page.
The food was good and the beer delightfully cool. The resort would have been good as a stopover, but we had Mati in our heads. So we will stay there next time. Here are some impressions:
 Magnaga Waters Beach Resort
The reception and restaurant in background
 Magnaga Waters Beach Resort
The beach with bungalows under palm trees. The beach consists of sand and gravel strips.
  Magnaga Waters Beach Resort
The island in the background is the rear side of Samal, which is located in the Bay of Davao.
After lunch and a recovering siesta we continued southward. The road was in really good state. Our next stop was at Piso Point, about 30 km south of Mabini. Here are some impressions:
 Piso Point
 Piso Point
Left the Governor Generoso peninsula and right the island of Samal
 Piso Point
Piso Point
Above image to show the good condition of the road.
In this area we saw the first small mosques and some women with fairly loose headscarf. From burka and chador there was no trace. And of course, the INC had * placed their pseudo-gothic churches also here in every village. (* = INC Iglesia ni Cristo).  From here to the crossing of Governor Generoso peninsula, we drove again 22 km.
Turbo witch
A turbo witch in San Isidro.
The area in Badas at Balete Bay was very nice. The very winding road was excellent with only a short construction site. No traffic – perhaps a vehicle every 10 minutes.

Badas - Balete Bay

Badas - Balete Bay

The famous SLeeping Dinosaur
The famous Sleeping Dinosaur. We did discover the name of this peninsula after having returned from our journey.

Mati in the background
 On the horizon one can already see our destination – Mati
Since I arrived already at 20 images, I separate the 5th day also in two parts. About Mati I will therefore report tomorrow.
Summary of the 5th day – Part 1:
Landscape: Initially flat, then steep coast between Pantukan and Banaybanay, then flat again until the crossing of Governor Generoso peninsula. Then cliffs with bays and islands to Mati
Interesting: Varied landscape, banana plantations
Street: Very good condition; few, short construction sites. At the beginning heavy city traffic, then almost no traffic
Distance: 185 km to Mati
Driving time: 3 – 4 hours
Tomorrow we visit Mati and the peninsula.

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