Camiguin Diving – it’s a small world

Agoho Beach

Today I received a rare photo from friends diving in Camiguin: A Dragon faced Pipe Fish. Camiguin Diving is for lovers. 

Camiguin:Dragon Faced Pipe Fishs
Picture copyright by Sangkalikasan Reefbuddies – A Yza Lagahit – Camiguin Diving

Camiguin is the perfect island for people who love it small. The island is small, just 64 kilometers around. The resorts are small and the underwater world is small. But small is beautiful. The sea around Camiguin is a paradise for divers/photographers who like it small.

I am a lazy guy – especially under water. My prefered dive-spot in Camiguin is “Black Forest”. Drive out 1000 meters, dive 18+ meters and then sit down. I do not need to run around. Sitting there and watching quietly, that’s all. The fish and turtles just swim by, peeping into my mask, being curious about this new bubbling thing in their place. It’s so ZEN to dive in Camiguin.

Meet the best underwater photographers here. A Yza Lagahit‘s picture you see above. One of Arno Enzo‘s photos made it ten days ago to the front page of as picture of the day.

Trinchesia nudibranch by Arno Enzo
Picture copyright by Arno Enzerink – Camiguin Diving

If you want to have a look, if you want to relax, if you look for something off the track, come over to Camiguin and try Camiguin Diving. Silent Gardens recommends “Camiguin Action Geckos“.

Silent Gardens shows you how to come to Camiguin.


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