Large solar power plant to rise in Palawan

Solar Power in Palawan

Palawan will soon be home to the Philippines’ largest micro-grid solar power plant, generating 1.3 megawatts of clean renewable energy.

Solar Power in Palawan

Costing PHP 325 million, the plant will have 5,000 solar panels that will provide power to over 600 customers,  homes, businesses and hotels, in Puerto Princesa City’s Sabang district. It will also have a battery pack, the largest in the ASEAN region, that will release stored energy during heavy cloud cover or bad weather. This battery pack has a capacity of 3,600 kWh.

Unfortunately the plant will also be equipped with diesel generators that can produce 1 MW of electricity to provide nighttime power. Even if these machines will run on biodiesel in the near future, they produce noise and toxic gas. And one should not forget that biodiesel is made of crop that should not be burnt but feed hungry people.

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4 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    ”The plant, which will provide power to Sabang via a 15-kilometer micro-grid, is expected to be completed by September.”
    I presume they mean September 2014.(or in 209 days time). If so, I will eat my first balut!

  2. waebi says:

    Hi Barry, I accept your challenge. We’ll come over to Palawan in September and if the electricity in Sabang is really solar power, then we shall eat our first balut together. I’ll sponsor a bottle of” Tanduay 18 years” to wash.

  3. ice says:

    I hope that the government supports the use of Solar Panels Philippines and should start with electric companies as we consumers shoulders the consumption every month thus having to pay much more than what we consumes.

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