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Filipino Seamen

The Philippines have once been a technologically rather advanced country with well trained people. But then education got neglected and funds flowed in the wrong pockets. The results are known:

Air Transportation:
– FAA Category 2 in the USA. No extension of flights network possible
– EU ban and blacklist of all RP carriers. No flights over European territory allowed.

Maritime Transportation:
– The Philippines still fails to meet EU standards on maritime education 

Filipino Seamen

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What are the Philippines doing in this severe crisis?
In the air we know that CAAP is trying to close just as many security holes as are needed to get back FAA Cat.1.
On sea level it looks similar.  The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has ordered the phaseout and closure of 123 out of 157 maritime training programs nationwide. The move aims to avert an EU ban on the hiring of Filipino seamen.

Still confidential documents show that the European Maritime Safety Administration (EMSA) sent a team to audit the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the CHED from April 16 to 19 2013. Remembers somehow the FAA/ICAO audits.

EMSA auditors were dissatisfied with the progress the Philippines has made since a previous audit in March 2012. Also remembers the CAAP disaster.

If CHED and CAAP do not do their homework immediately, then the Philippines will have to face an economical catastrophe. 

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