Opening of the first Zip-Line in Camiguin

Zip-Line in Benoni, Camiguin Island

Tomorrow, Saturday 04-28-2012, the first zip-line in Camiguin will be opened.

Zip-Line in Benoni, Camiguin Island

We will be there at the Grand Opening at 10:00 AM with our Hummer.
See also here: Camiguin HUMMER News Link

More information will follow tomorrow. 

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2 Responses

  1. Rodney Faulkner says:

    Awesome new that the Zip Line is open, it was still under construction when we visited Camiguin back in late Feb, We actually did not do the Zip in CDO as we thought J&A’s ZIP was ready.
    I will be in that line to enjoy the ride and food at J&A’s at the end of July, So much looking forward to seeing everyone again, keep a booth free and the beers cold

    • waebi says:

      Hi Rodney, We will be there with the Hummer tomorrow.
      We’re looking forward to meeting you in July.
      Hummer or just a beer in the evening at the beach?

      Meanwhile we’ll grease the zip-lines cables.

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