Bohol: Highway in Cortes still interrupted

Landslide in Cortes, Bohol

Over a year ago, during the wet winter 2010/2011, a landslide happened in Cortes in extreme south-west Bohol. This landslide interrupted the national highway. 

This landslide was so big that stabilization and removing work is still going on. Not only the mass of gravel, rocks and sand had to be removed, the whole slope needs to be stabilized.

Landslide in Cortes, Bohol

The landslide was menacing  the whole town of Cortes which is built just at the upper edge.

Landslide in Cortes, Bohol Landslide in Cortes, Bohol 

The arrow shows the position of the interruption. On the right map you see the detour. Be careful, the road is steep and when there are tricycles and trucks on the small and winding road, you need all your driver’s skills.  

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