A rainy day

singing in the rain

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  1. Tammo says:


    bought a TP-Link 3020, flashed it with openwrt, hooked it to the LW301, redirected “static.oregon…” and “gateway…” to local lighttpd server running at the router at port 80, catched the post requests and write down the values to .csv file.

    The router is connected with wlan to my dsl router. I use a 16gb usb stick to save values.
    Theoretically you can access it from outside, but i think i will upload the values to my root server some day and display weather in”realtime” on my site.

    The static request to “…/version?m=xxx” replies with empty firmware? Do you got a valid firmware file for the LW301, where timings can be overwritten or the adress patched? This would be the best and nicest solution.

    Greetings from Germany….


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