Two Tropical Depressions in a row

Two Tropical Depressions

Two Tropical Depressions in a row are approaching the Philippines. The nearer one at 142° E, is moving westward at 15 km/h. The second one at 161° E, moves northwest at 10 km/h.

Up to now the Philippines had been lucky this year 2015. Although 12 cyclones already influenced the weather in the Philippines, only 4 of them hit our islands. And fortunately they all remained below typhoon force. Most of the cyclones first moved towards the Philippines and then turned north.

Weather 2015-10-13

The most remarkable one had been Typhoon GONI/Ineng mid-August. This cyclone oscillated between Cat.1 and Cat.4. It brought severe storms to northern Luzon and the Batanes Islands. And then suddenly it made a 100 degrees turn right and headed towards south-western Japan.

Weather 2015-10-13

Two Tropical Depressions in a row

The isobars map provided by JMA shows the two Tropical Depressions heading west.

Weather 2015-10-13

The left side Tropical Depression, future “Lando” was estimated at 2,535 km east of Luzon (14.7°N, 145.2°E) with maximum winds of 45 km/h near the center. It is forecast to move west northwest at 25 km/h. As the circular, cyclonic, winds have not yet got strength,  a track forecast is still extremely difficult.

JMA has not yet published a long term forecast. The JTWC is less optimistic than PAGASA.

 Weather 2015-10-13 JTWC  Weather 2015-10-13 PAGASA
 Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) – click to enlarge  PAGASA – click to enlarge

Wee keep an eye on these two Tropical Depressions. You may follow us here and here. For instance we keep calm and enjoy the sunshine in Camiguin.


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