Tropical Depression approaching!


A Tropical Depression is approaching from Guam. The TD is moving slowly but steadily towards Bicol / Quezon region. Bicol as well as Central and Eastern Visayas will have cloudy skies with light to moderate rains and thunderstorms on Friday and on All Saints Day.

The Tropical Depression has not yet entered PAR, the Philippines Area of Responsibility. Once enters and if it develops in a tropical cyclone it will be given the name Paeng. Tropical Depressions can bring big quantities of water. As they are moving very slowly compared with typhoons, the rainfalls may last for several days.

Weather 2014-10-31

The isobars map is updated every 3 hours. You can find it here: Weather at a Glance

Weather 2014-10-31

To follow the development of the Tropical depression we recommend to have a look at the 24 hours Satellite Image Loops.


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