Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang now over Naga City

Naga River

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang  now over Naga City. After having made landfall on Samar’s east coast the storm lost some power. It still carries extreme quantities of water which now rain over Bicol. 

Relatives living in Naga City just now reported that the rain got weaker but the storm is intensifying.  Naga River is flooding the first neighborhoods.  Our relatives try to transmit now some pictures. They still have no power. We’ll attach the photos as soon as we get them.

Typhoon MEKKHALA/Amang yesterday at landfall in Samar

Typhoon MEKKHALA/Amang

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang now over Naga City

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang

Watch the movie with the impact of Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang when making landfall in Samar.  It always looks like an explosion, when the violet water masses are released. The movie will only be available until noon today. Afterwards the pictures will be overwritten.

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang forecasts

Japan Mateorological Agency

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang


JMA shows a strange track of Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang for the recent past. The storm will continue in north-west direction.

US Navy / JTWC

Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center just now updated their track forecast for Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang. Their track forecast is more straight than the JMA track. This comes from the different update intervals. JMA updates every 3 hours and JTWC updates every 6 hours.


We recommend to observe Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang in our satellite videos.

We have set our flood and storm warning to red!


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