Update Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” 2012-09-23 @ 06:00 p.m.

Jelawat / Lawin is forming an eye

Typhoon  “JELAWAT / Lawin” has again intensified and has now developed an eye.

Jelawat / Lawin is forming an eye

“JELAWAT / Lawin” has again changed its moving direction to North – North-West. The typhoon’s center is nearly stationary moving at 7 km/h.

24 hours forecast:
– Moving slowly North to North-West at 7 km/h
– Central pressure is 935 hPa
– Max. wind is 140 km/h near center
– Gusts are 170 km/h

Weather 2012-09-23 Update #3

PAGASA issued the following storm warnings:

Signal 1 (30-60 km/h winds) in all Samar provinces

We keep an eye on this typhoon! Follow us here Link

Sorry folks, we do not trust PAGASA very much. These guys are too optimistic (or aren’t they allowed to spread bad news?) Anyway, the Japan Meteorological Agency issues much severe forecasts. We track the information of JMA, NOAA, CWB and HKO.  

Hope to meet you again tomorrow morning. Thump up

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