You must get up early to see the beauty

Mayon is magic. Frequent readers of this blog do know my preference for volcanoes. But Mayon is not a volcano as others, Mayon is the most beautiful volcano on earth.
But to see the beauty you have to get up early. 06:00 am is perfect, because some minutes later the sun heaths the atmosphere and soon the beauty will be hidden behind cumulus clouds.

So, if you are an admirer of natural beauty, get up early.

Mayon Volcano

Mayon’s activity is currently very low in spite of the permanent gas and steam cloud in the crater. But beware! About every 23 months, the Mayon volcano erupts, sometimes gently but often violent. If you are a volcano-addict, please vote for Mayon in the election of the New 7 Natural Wonders.

Mayon Volcano

WARNING: This volcano is smoking! (And as they say, smoking may be dangerous…). This advice comes from PHIVOLCS an not the WHO Wink

Read more about Mount Mayon Link

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