Amihan is off – Habagat not yet active

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The season of the wind change is here. Amihan is off – Habagat not yet active

The northward migration of the Siberian High Pressure Area, and the establishment of the Ridge of North Pacific High Pressure Area that extended to the north of the country have shifted the wind direction from northeasterly to easterly. These synoptic conditions signified the recession of the Northeast Monsoon (Amihan). Gradual increase of the daily air temperature is expected over most parts of the country in the coming days, and weather conditions will be mostly hot and sunny associated with warm and humid air  with isolated rain-showers and thunderstorms, particularly, over the eastern section.

 Furthermore, strong easterly winds will prevail, particularly, over the eastern section of Visayas and Mindanao with occurrence of moderate to rough coastal waters.

In about four weeks the Southwest Monsoon (Habagat) will slowly grow in strength. Habagat will bring warm and very humid air towards the Philippines and start the rainy season in northern and central Luzon. This will also mark the begin of the Typhoon season in north-west Pacific.

Monsoon Winds Philippines

See also our Philippines Climates Page.

Weather Impact


  • Dry and fresh weather in Luzon.
  • Partly dry, partly wet and fresh weather in the Visayas
  • Wet and not so hot in the southern Visayas and Mindanao


  • Wet and hot weather in Luzon.
  • Dry and hot weather in in the Visayas
  • Dry and hot weather in in the southern Visayas and Mindanao

Problems with the dams

The dams in Luzon are closely monitored * while no data is available of the dams in Mindanao. In both regions the dams play a crucial  role in electricity production and fresh water supply. During the Amihan season the dams in Luzon have low water levels while the dams in Mindanao are full. In the Habagat season the situation is reversed.
* unfortunately the different DOST  and PAGASA agencies to not maintain their websites very often. The best source for the current dam status is this unsorted directory.

Dry Mindanao vs. Wet Luzon

A dry dam in Mindanao and overflowing La Mesa dam in Luzon. In Luzon the big challenge for the dam operators is to find the right moment when to open and when to close the gates. See also last year’s dam situation in August. In Mindanao the challenge is to find the balance between releasing enough water for electricity production and keeping back as much water as possible for agriculture.

Dam Status 2014-05-01


Now it is hot and dry everywhere

Hot Dog

Let’s sweat ! 


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