Frustrating weather

Batangas Weather sample

No, no, weather had been sunny and friendly today in Camiguin. We had lunch at Casa Rocca with Evelyn and Jim, Gwen and Rob. Everything had been really fine.

I am speaking of weather data available for the Philippines. Someones of you know that we are completely overhauling our website “Silent Gardens”. During the last weeks we were working on the new weather pages. 

Here you can have a peek of the new pages. Caution: They may still change at any moment Link

Weather is extremely important here in the Philippines. Everybody depends on the weather and sometimes everybody’s life depends on the weather. 

Getting satellite images and satellite data had not been a big problem because we maintain good relationships with JMA and NOAA. Getting local weather information is a real challenge.

Getting local weather data makes Sisyphus running up the hill slower than ever. There are several suppliers on the market. They promise a lot but deliver not much or the quality  is simply extremely poor – or sorry, a mess.

Before writing this article, I had again a look at and  Try these 3 links for a particular place at one moment. You will be astonished about the result.

For Batangas City, I got temperatures from 26°C to 32°C, from heavy rain to light cloud cover. The forecast data had even been worse. The WeatherOnline (free) Server even refused to provide us with clean forecast weather. 

Batangas Weather sample

The question is now whether to provide our readers with local weather or let them guess how it will be from the satellite movies. 

To follow tomorrow, we’re watching the beautiful sunset – forecast had been heavy clouds and most probably rain Hair

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    If you find something which helps me answering the weather questions of our guests… please let me know 🙂

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