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Typhoon MAYSAK 0

Typhoon MAYSAK now Category 4

Typhoon MAYSAK is now Category 4 Cyclone. The storm is still heading straight west at 20 km/h. It got much stronger during the last 12 hours and has now a central pressure down to...

Weather 2014-10-10 0

Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong a bit weaker

Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong got a bit weaker this morning. Its central pressure increased from 900 hPa to 920 hPa. Latest satellite images show an eyewall replacement cycle(*). The  typhoon is now moving north...

TS MATMO/Henry 0

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry has intensified as it entered PAR. Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry is expected to continue moving slowly north-northwestward during the next 24 to 48 hours. On the forecast track, the storm will continue to move...

Weather 2013-07-10 Typhoon SOULIK / Huaning 0

Typhoon SOULIK/Huaning has entered PAR

The Powerful Typhoon SOULIK / 07W has entered the northeastern border of the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) and got the local name “Huaning. This typhoon is so strong that it could become a Super...

Weather 2013-07-10 Typhoon SOULIK/07W now Category 4 0

Typhoon SOULIK/07W now Category 4

Typhoon SOULIK/07W has extremely increased its strength during the night and is now a Typhoon Cat. 4. The typhoon’s eye is now permanently visible and is very large. The forecast track has not changed....

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