Typhoon FITOW / Quedan got stronger last night

Typhoon FITOW / Quedan

Typhoon FITOW / Quedan is now north of the Philippines. As predicted it got stronger during the night and has developed a clearly visible eye. The storm is still moving slowly northwards at 7 km/h.
Typhoon FITOW / Quedan still enhances Habagt, the south-west monsoon in the Philippines.

Typhoon FITOW / Quedan

The track forecast by JMA shows that this typhoon will move towards Shanghai.

Typhoon FITOW / Quedan

The Low Pressure Area LPA 97W near Guam has also gotten stronger and has been upgraded to a Tropical Depression.

We keep an eye on Severe Typhoon FITOW / Quedan and the Tropical Depression 97W. For more and near real-time information see here:

Old Weather Page Link
New Weather Page Link
New Marine Weather Page Link

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