More strong Earthquakes in Negros

U R G E N T 

Just now at 06:11 PM we felt again a strong earthquake in Camiguin.
We presume that its origins were again between Negros and Cebu.

No damages so far in Camiguin, but PHIVOLCS reports 7 death in Negros.

Update from 06:40 PM:
PHIVOLCS confirms our feelings. A strong aftershock happened at 06:11.

It had a magnitude of 6.2 and was felt at intensities IV to VI.
Stay tuned, we are on the seismometers and the phone and have our feet on earth to feel. 

 For more information see here Link

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  1. says:

    my son is in the Phillippines in Baracy, Aklan..haven’t heard from him…and i don’t know whether the earthquake was near there…please respond if u know anything about this area…

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