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Mangroves – Camiguin shows you how to do

Mangroves protect Camiguin’s coast and provide us with clean air. One might accuse Camiguin’s government for the ongoing concrete madness and the diesel power plant, but coast protection is not just a word for them,...

Camiguin, not Boracay 1

Not Boracay – this is Camiguin, the real thing

This is Camiguin! The little island in the southern Bohol Sea is slowly but steadily developing. While Boracay suffers from mass tourism, Camiguin attracts people who like the real things.  Camiguin for kite boarders The white...


The Sunbirds are back again

The Sunbirds come always back to our garden in Camiguin. Usually mid to end of February the adults fill the air with their songs. Then they start to build the astonishing nests. The olive-backed sunbird...


Solar Eclipse 2016 – it’s almost over

Solar Eclipse 2016 – a strange kind of light covered our beach this morning in Agoho, Camiguin. A light partial cloud layer reduced the sunlight furthermore. Just before 9 o’clock at “Merinda” time, the sunlight considerably...

Solar Eclipse March 9, 2016 0

Solar Eclipse next week in the Philippines

Solar Eclipse on March 9 in the Philippines. Although it will be a total solar eclipse accompanied by a Supermoon, the eclipse will be only partial in the Philippines. Below is the exact data...

Camiguin Gecko 0

Camiguin Geckos – becoming an adult

Around our house in Camiguin live several geckos. They love to hide behind the bamboo during the day. In the evening they come out of there hideaways to hunt their prey and much more....

Camiguin Hawk Owl 0

Camiguin Hawk Owl (re)discovered

Indigenous people of Camiguin living in the forests know the rather small Hawk Owl well. But it took 15 years to confirm the existence of the 2 subspecies of the Ninox hawk-owls. This is...

Jumping spiders 0

Funny Spiders

Jumping spiders (family Salticidae) are funny companions. My “office” is outside our house on a shadowy veranda. Most of the time when I work on my laptop computer, one of these funny and curious...

Octopus moving 0

Funny Under Water World

‘Poussin Diver’ posted this funny octopus on April 19, 2015. The octopus is moving over sandy ground carrying two coconut shells with him. The octopus uses these two shells like a mobile home. [GARD]

Dry Mindanao 0

Dry – dry – dry – El Niño!

Dry – El Niño is almost here. Over in Bohol they already had water problems begin of April. Here in Camiguin, especially in Agoho, it didn’t rain now for 2 weeks. Spring water levels are lowering and...

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