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Hyperbaric Chamber Davao 0

New Hyperbaric Chamber in Davao

Hyperbaric Chamber and Facility in Davao being inaugurated today. On June 25, 2016 the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao announced the begin of construction of a new hyperbaric chamber facility in Davao...

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Camiguin 2018 – Boom or Bubble?

Camiguin 2018 – an equation with hundreds of unknown variables. 2017 had been an extremely turbulent year for Camiguin. After the economic shock caused by the Marawi unrest, the island’s tourism industry began to...

Philippine Zombies 2

The Real Philippine Zombies

Do you want to experience Real Philippine Zombies? The small community of Agoho on Camiguin island has a bone shattering experience for you: REAL ZOMBIES! This experience is available all year, but tomorrow night...

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